What is the most ignored gadget for a muggle computer user?

A mouse.

Because most of them seek a mere device to serve their pointing purposes. For them comfort, ergonomics, design are not the top priority. So, a price-wise Amazon search can offer them a plethora of options.

But it’s a different scenario for demanding wizards.

Excluding the hardcore PC gamers, for most of them Logitech MS Master series is the imminent choice. Alas, this best choice also commands the best price.


The real dilemma is for those who seek the perfect mix of design and ergonomics within a gulp-able budget.

Let’s look into my scenario. I trust Logitech MX Master 3 as my daily driver. But recently I planned to add a dedicated mouse to all my devices including my iPad. So, I had been looking for an ergonomic, stylish wireless option. And I found a worthy contender. 

Meet Arctic Fox Pureview Transparent Wireless Mouse.

Unique and Captivating Design: The see-through sleek aesthetic of the Arctic Fox Pureview sets it apart from traditional mice.

Special Magnetic Top Cover: One of the standout features of the Arctic Fox Pureview is its magnetic top cover attachment system.


Portable and Lightweight: With its compact size, it’s easy to carry around in any laptop bag or backpack.

A Versatile Companion: As a plug-and-play device with USB and Bluetooth, it’s a versatile choice even for handling multiple devices.

With a price tag under ₹100, this ‘Made in India’ worthy contender ticks all the important boxes for me. For more details, you can visit the Arctic Fox India website. 

Thanks for your time. Itee.