A relatively new sub-brand from Nothing – CMF – so far had excelled in offering distinctly designed smartphone accessories at somewhat affordable prices. Now CMF has taken a leap with the launch of its first phone – duly named the CMF Phone 1. 

CMF Phone 1 Key Features

Apart from the technical mumbo-jumbo about its core hardware, these 2 USPs of CMF Phone 1 give it an edge over other market offerings in its segment:

  • A somewhat modular design theme
  • An ecosystem of accessories to complement it

Modular Design Theme

CMF Phone 1 Replaceable Back Cover

The CMF Phone 1’s modular design is cool with its entire back side being removable and customisable. The back panels are available in various coloured packs that can be bought separately and added to the phone. This also opens up the possibility of mixing-n-matching different coloured parts for a unique bespoke look. We have to say, it’s refreshing in the myriad of stale slabs!

Ecosystem of Accessories

CMF Phone 1 Accessories

CMF Phone 1’s “Accessory Point” is such a game-changer, which allows to attach functional accessories like a fold-out stand, card holder, or lanyard.

The CMF Phone 1 truly embodies the essence of design and quality as its main pillars. It not only aims to excel in these aspects but also promises to “double down on core user needs”. In simpler terms, it may not boast the most cutting-edge hardware, but it strives to minimise compromises in crucial features.

CMF Phone 1 Back Covers

It’s clear to us that aesthetics are at the heart of this device. While it may not offer the best hardware value or standout camera features, it’s an all-around performer and offers good battery life. The display and chipset performance are pretty great for its class. Admittedly, it lacks in certain areas like minimal ingress protection, a singular speaker, no NFC, and no charger in the box. However, the standout feature is undoubtedly the unique design of the CMF Phone 1. Nothing else really compares in this respect.

The additional customisability and repairability also add to its appeal. Without a doubt, the CMF Phone 1 will enjoy a dedicated fanbase.

Images: in.cmf.tech